New App Features in Release 1.9.124 to 1.9.129

What has changed?

As per usual, there have been quite a few performance improvements and bug fixes over the last few releases together with a few features that have been introduced:

The Side menu (Currently in Beta)

We have introduced a new menu to illustrate the flow of the Purchase Order more clearly and to boost productivity. 

(We will send an email to notify existing customers before we make it live for all accounts.)

For our mobile app users, we have introduced Push Notifications!

Get notified via push notifications on your mobile device when a Purchase Order status has been changed to pending, approved, or rejected. To start seeing the notifications, all you need to do is get your app updated to the latest version.

A highly requested feature was the ability to edit line item custom fields after approval. If your custom field has the option “Editable after approval” enabled you will be able to edit your line item custom fields directly from the purchase order view screen.

Just a friendly reminder, if you ever find any issues within the app whether it is concerning a translation error or something is not working as expected, please remember to send those on to our Support team via Email or Live Chat. If you have a suggestion for a new feature you can post it on

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