July App Updates and New Features

We’ve built several large features and fixed a lot of smaller bugs. The changes made in July are sure to give you a more enjoyable experience when using ProcurementExpress.com.

Tag users in the comments

This has been a request from a lot of our customers and it is working great. You can tag users in PO comments even if they’re not currently an approver or the requester on that PO. The tagged user will receive an email to inform them of the new comment referencing them.

Add Comment Section when creating a request with Punchout

Previously, when creating a request using the Punchout functionality, the request had to be sent before a comment could be added. This has now been modified, so you can add a comment on the request creation page.

Update the Send to Supplier functionality

We’ve redone the whole ‘Send to Supplier’ functionality. You’ll see a new look design and more intuitive UX.

You can also insert variables, which means you have a more functional template. As an example, if you insert {Supplier.Name} into your template, that will be replaced with the supplier’s name in the email.

To send a PO to your supplier, Open the PO, click the ‘Actions’ dropdown (top-right), and select ‘Send to Supplier’.


Add links  on the billing page where finance and admin can download their invoices

Finance and CompanyAdmin roles can find invoices for the past 6 months on the billing page.


The following bugs were fixed in July:

  • User not able to add a new product to a supplier on the PO creation page
  • Blank comments get recorded when saving or creating a PO
  • [Show PO Screen] The delivery dates of previous partial deliveries are overwritten when you record a new delivery
  • User unable to login to the supplier portal
  • Copy feature does not copy item description when we have fixed supplier list
  • Supplier not able to download the PDF from the send to supplier email
  • The payment date not showing the correct date
  • [Show Budget screen] The status column is showing incorrect information
  • Various speed and performance fixes
  • Description boxes used to expand vertically as you typed but don’t anymore
  • Budget Cost codes and cost types not showing up correctly when creating a PO
  • PDF automatically changed from English to Spanish
  • Approver not receiving Invoice upload emails although they have the setting active.

We’ll keep improving the functionality of the app and appreciate everyone’s feedback to get us there. If you have feature suggestions, you can upvote your favorites or suggest your own on the feedback portal.

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