December App Features & Updates

Happy New Year and best wished for 2022 from the team!

We continued our standard cycle of releases with a 2-week period during December and the holidays. Quite a few enhancements have been added based on the feedback we receive through your conversations with the Support team, the regular business reviews and our feedback portal.

This effort will be sustained in 2022. Please keep your comments coming. This is very useful to us.

December Releases

Version 2.1.24 (02/12/2021)

  • In the Purchase Order screen, you can click on the supplier name to go to the supplier’s page.
  • Quickbooks Online – The conversion of purchase order amounts to the supplier’s currency is available and active.
Bug fixes
  • The Approver’s name would sometimes not show under the Reviewed by section on PO – corrected.
  • The notifications sent to team members have been reduced after a review of the alerts. Further improvements are in development to give more flexibility around notifications.
  • In the Supplier portal, the order of display in the list of purchase orders was not consistent – fixed.
  • Sage – The Sage integration would pause if a supplier had an invalid email – fixed.

Version 2.1.25 (16/12/2021)

  • Team members can have access to the Budget section in read-only. This is activated in the Company Settings via the Budget tab.
  • Quickbooks Online – Asset accounts and sub-accounts as defined in the QB chart of accounts are available for use in budgets and purchase orders.
  • Budgets – Computed custom fields can be added to a budget. This new type of custom field is based on a computation using other custom fields. This can be used to compute percentages of custom fields, for example.
  • The purchase order currency and conversion rate are available as columns in the Purchase Order lists.
  • The Invoice tab of the Purchase Order show more details of the invoices as well as a total gross amount of invoices attached to the purchase order.
Bug fixes
  • Departments not importing with Employee Import template – Corrected.
  • The ‘Reviewed By’ dropdown is layered underneath the PO line items table – Corrected.
  • Complete payment action must set the PO to status Paid, independent from the status validation – Corrected.
Release 2.1.26 (30/12/2021)
  • Users can comment when they approve or reject an invoice.
  • The Export Employees and budgets download messages have been updated for better clarity.
  • The table column enable/disable popover menu for all lists has been redesigned for consistency with the rest of the UI.
  • The line item number from the purchase order is displayed in the Receiving Item screen.
Bug fixes
  • Due date is missing on the invoice Section on Show PO page – Corrected.
  • Tax not being added to the total on a new product – Corrected.
  • When using an alias to the Department label, the filters now display correctly the alias instead of “Department” – Fixed.
  • Wrong approval currency showing on budget – Fixed.
  • User unable to view Budgets – Fixed.


If you have any questions, please contact our Support team via the online chat or using [email protected].

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