Budgeting is Freedom

Budgeting is Freedom – How can something as mundane as budgeting and something as exciting as freedom equate to one another? The founding fathers did not set about guaranteeing the right of every citizen to budget. No movie mogul would approve the production of Budget Willy.

And yet it is true. Budgeting is Freedom

For all the time we focus on growing revenue, the easiest, if least glamorous, approach to growing profits is simply spending less. Of course, that’s not freedom either. Growth is key to building a thriving business. But freeing up resources to fuel that growth is often lying around us hidden in plain sight.

The driving type-A personalities that end up at the top of an organisation didn’t get there by saving their way. They did it with energy and often times a healthy dose of unreasonable enthusiasm. So how can these same people unlock savings within their organisation to grow even more?

That is what is here for. We let you better manage your company’s spending proactively rather than through the view in the rearview mirror.

If you have ever experienced the sticker shock at the purchasing decisions of your team members, is here to help you work together better to make more informed spending decisions.

It does this by allowing you to set up a simple budget against which people can then apply for purchase orders. These purchase orders are passed on to your suppliers and eventually back to finance, give you proper control over your spending before it happens. Take your Freedom back.

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