April 29, 2022

April Procurement News Round Up

Gross Profit Podcast
The Gross Profit Podcast
April Procurement News Round Up

Show Notes

In this episode of Procurement Express Monthly, Kala Dikibo and a member of Procurement Express’ very own Customer Success Team, JP, go over the latest news in the world of procurement, as well as an important product update to the Procurement Express platform. 

The main points covered in this episode are:

  • The knock-on effect of forced labour: Kala Dikibo shares the recent announcement by Ferrero that they would be ceasing to source palm oil from Sime Darby due to allegations of forced labour in their supply chain. He also talks about the problems that this sort of situation can bring to a company.
  • The impact of bribery and the importance of ethical training in the workplace: Kala and JP discuss the problem of corruption for organizations in light of the sentencing of a former Coca-Cola electrical and automation manager for a £1.5million procurement scam.
  • Invoices moved from attachments to uploads: Kala and JP break down the recent change in the way that invoices are handled within the platform, and why that’s important.

In addition, JP speaks about his role and history within Procurement Express and also delineates just how exactly this latest change benefits clients and vendors. Look forward to hearing more from him on a quarterly basis as he shares with us the latest updates for Procurement Express.

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