The Benefits of Purchasing Automation Explained in 5 minutes

Marketing is impossible without purchasing, the two are like siamese twins.  

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Repetitive manual processes can be cumbersome especially when generating purchasing orders as this takes away valuable time from CEOs of marketing companies. The following are the benefits of purchasing automation that can revolutionize the way marketing companies can do business in this new era.

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Today’s business environment is characterized by stiff competition. Essentially, it’s an element which differentiates striving companies from surviving ones wherein efficiency will always be on the side of the winner. A marketing company system can automate its routine tasks and as a result ensure an effective purchase order execution process. It is always difficult to keep track of what is ordered or what was originally wanted. Cross checking and looking for information on spreadsheets or piles of paper is very time-consuming. So, putting an efficient purchase order system in place saves time and is very helpful in avoiding cash flow problems.

Document Management

Instead of always going through loads of folders in filing cabinets, electronic document management allows marketing company CEOs to easily access suppliers’ information in a few clicks. Marketing CEOs can review purchase records quickly and with much ease. Purchase order automation ensures that information is readily available. In the long run, marketing company CEOs can build an overview of purchasing trends which becomes handy when planning and when doing budgets.

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Time-Saving and Cost Control

More often than not, marketing CEOs are in and out of meetings and are usually in constant travels. Waiting till they come back in the office can be tedious.  Automated purchase order system can significantly reduce time and cost. Faster processing speeds up business operations and makes it easier to track costs. With, marketing CEOs can see purchase order requisition in real time and are able to approve it anywhere at any given time which results in employee productivity. Employees won’t have to spend time making phone calls trying to determine the status of each PO request. This notably saves the company a great deal of time and money.

Human Error Reduction

Naturally, humans are not perfect beings and are thus susceptible to making errors now and then. An automated system can generate an error-free purchase order in a very short space of time.

Fraud Reduction

Automated purchase orders can greatly reduce the risk of fraud within the company. For instance, an employee can inflate amounts needed to pay for purchases and then pockets the difference. Because purchase orders offer an audit trail of who handled a particular purchase transaction, employees can be held accountable when inconsistencies arise. Automation, therefore, enhances a flawless audit trail and makes it possible to retrieve any information in a matter of seconds.

Trouble-free Planning and Budget Control

An appropriate purchase order process requires that before any purchase is made, the CEO of a marketing company can check and ensure there are sufficient funds to pay for it. This makes it easier to plan, budget and control cash flow.  A tool like can enhance decision-making capabilities of CEOs and helps them avoid costly mistakes.

Effective Vendor Service

With automated purchase order system, vendors receive purchase order acknowledgments and confirmations sooner. The system also improves vendor response time by 55%. Plus purchase request automation speeds up the requisition process by giving both users and approvers instant access and expedite processes. Instant reports allow CEOS to track, monitor and analyze business costs at the click of a button.

Technological Viability and Adaptability

Automated purchase order systems allow CEOs of marketing companies to make continuous improvements to their purchasing processes in response to an ever-changing business climate. This helps them to be on par with current trends in technology as a great business driver. With the simplicity technology brings, duplications of purchase orders can be easily spotted and firms are better positioned to concentrate more on areas of business that can boost their profits.

Today’s options for automated solutions are broader, more affordable and more accessible than ever before, making now the perfect time to bring your purchasing systems up to date. Faster processing times, saving costs and easy tracking are benefits that you can have at your fingertips while you enjoy purchase order system automation.

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