New App Features in Release 1.9.107 to 1.9.112

It’s that time again when we share the latest app updates that our development team has been working so hard on. In this update, we have released some bug fixes, but also some very interesting new features.

Product Enhancements

Before we jump into the new features, you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve made some cosmetic changes (but you’ve probably noticed that already). We’ve also made some much-anticipated performance enhancements. Both of these can be seen in the new filter options where you can now search using keywords to find exactly what you are seeking, much faster.

The Dashboard

The dashboard in all its glory.

Yes, the long-awaited dashboard feature has finally arrived. Now, you can step back and see the big picture. Available to all users with the “Finance” and “CompanyAdmin” Roles, the dashboard allows you to:

1. See your company’s spending summary with a nifty statistic, displaying the approval ratio between approved and pending PO’s, as well as the total spend for the company.
2. See your budgets’ remaining and allocated amounts as represented by the bar graph
3. Keep better track of your departments’ spending.
4. See who your top suppliers are and employees with the most spend.
5. Now you can immediately see the status of all the PO’s within the selected time period.

You can use the numbers in the list above to reference to the image below:


You can select the period of the data you want to see:

Dashboard 2019-04-18 15-43-44

To activate the dashboard for the “CompanyAdmin” and Finance” user roles follow these steps:

“Login -> Click on the settings icon -> Go to user settings -> Under the account tab, (Scroll down to the bottom of the page) -> Locate the ‘Homepage’ option at the bottom of the page -> Select ‘Dashboard’ from the dropdown list.”

Auto Currency Updates Via

image (1)As you know our software supports a vast set of currencies and updating the new conversion rates have been a manual process until now.  Your currency conversion rates can now automatically be kept up to date with the latest values from (Note: Conversion rate updates happens once a day at 3:30 pm UTC)

If you use multiple currencies in your company you can follow these steps to enable the currency auto update feature

“Login -> Click on the settings icon -> Go To Company Settings -> Navigate To The Currencies Tab -> A table with your currencies is located at the bottom of the page. -> Just below the table check the checkbox next to the option named ‘Auto update exchange rates from’ 

Holiday Mode

Ever had an approver that went on leave who ended up blocking the approval of a PO? Now approvers can make use of holiday mode when they go on leave.

Employees 2019-04-18 11-05-25

In the image above “Sophie Tempie” has an umbrella icon next to her name This is the indicator that shows holiday mode is active on her account.

To use Holiday Mode on your account simply:

“Login > Click on the settings cog in the top right corner -> Navigate to ‘User Settings’ -> Go to the ‘Holiday Mode’ tab -> Click on the switch to turn it on”

Edit user details 2019-04-19 12-49-44

The Add-On Market

Yes, now Admin Users can add add-ons their own account using our new Add-on marketplace. Now you can have better control over what you pay for since you can select the add-ons your company needs.
To access:

“Click on the settings cog -> Click on “Add-On Market” -> Select the add-on you want and follow the directions to install

Add-On Market

Supplier Approval

Take control of all the suppliers your employees use. We have implemented a “Supplier Approval” feature that requires approval from a specific user when a “TeamMember” creates a new supplier. The dedicated supplier approver is chosen by the “CompanyAdmin” Role.

When you create a new purchase order and want to add a new supplier, create a supplier as usual from the PO form. But when you’ll see this popup before you can continue with the PO creation:

New Purchase Order 2019-04-18 12-17-22

When the supplier has been approved, you will be able to use it in future POs.

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