Using paper and spreadsheets is time-consuming and error-prone,
but automating sounds daunting. is the only company that helps schools to automate purchasing and get all the staff on board.

Here’s how it works

4 steps to an efficient procurement department lets you automate your ideal purchasing department

Setup budgets & approval rules

Requesters get fast feedback on purchases

Teacher sends POs for approval from anywhere

Approvers can OK purchases with a live view of current budget spend

Bursar can action requests instantly, directly from email

Get a full view of all purchasing activities with on-demand reporting

Everything’s recorded in all the steps, giving you accurate reporting

Simpler purchase orders.

  • Employees create purchase orders
  • Automatically, they’re sent to bursars/finance members by email
  • Immediately finance can approve/reject or comment on spend

We help independent schools, like yourselves to clear the messy paper work and create a paper trail that the wider staff can follow. Set up budgets, customize purchase orders, set up approval routing, invite team members. accelerates purchase orders, gives you close control over budgets and liberates you from paperwork.

‘“Our organization uses this software to track and approve financial transactions.
I like the ease of using the software. Everything is so streamlined and self explanatory. I like that I don’t have to go through too many steps to do what I have to do. I really don’t have complaints. Everything that I do in the software is very easy for me to get through. This software makes office life so much easier!“’
– Chandler Davis, Operations Assistant
DC Scholars Public Charter School

Built to fit your school
  • Custom onboarding for the entire school or university staff.
  • Split access and responsibilities: limit access, restrict or expand budgets
  • Split invoices and charge types: split invoices by cost code, charge by division
Created to never let you down
  • 16hr support: talk to a real person, get back on track
  • Bespoke development service: we’ll tailor the tool to your needs
  • Concierge service: we build your instance for you – for free
Designed for you to use
  • Searchable PO database: find keywords and phrases in thousands of POs
  • Running reports tracks all PO activity: find live reports on purchases
  • Customizable formating: Use the PO layouts and file types that work for you

Save time and money.

  • Intuitive interface: anyone can use it, no training required
  • Cloud hosting: nothing to download, nothing to transfer
  • Status reports: track spending across departments at any time
  • Same day implementation: get your entire team set up and ready to go in just minutes
  • 1-click PO approvals from any device, anywhere has perfect functionality on all devices

“So easy to lose track for each paperwork and when we got, we start with budget paperwork…wow…we can see who haven’t read it or haven’t approved it. It was easy to prompt specific person that haven’t done their job and paperwork was successful. Recommend you get this for sure and no more old song “I don’t know” or “I never got that paperwork” –
Kevin Keinreich, Arkansas School for the Deaf


“Excellent internal control and record system. Clear concise record-keeping and data is shared with users to provide for accurate shared information system. Excellent internal controls and accountability.” – Suzanna McLoughlin, Director at Suny Old Westbury

Download Free PDF to clear the messy paper work and create a paper trail that the wider staff can follow

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