Data Collection – Predictive Analysis Of Your Project Budget Plan

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Data has the ability to improve your business and to allow more efficiency in your market. Data is essential to making well-informed decisions that guide and measure the achievement of the organizational strategy – it is at the heart of your business processes.

Accurate, high-quality data enables your organization to implement processes well and to determine which processes have the greatest impact. The correct analyzation and usage of data will result in useful information for your business.

Make sure you detect changes in your business early   

It is critical for CFO’s to detect and understand early signs of change and to position their organizations to adapt accordingly.

Advanced analytics can be advantageous to the process of obtaining internal and external data to get an accurate glimpse of customers, competitors, suppliers, partners and employees, ultimately helping to manage business performance at granular levels.

Predictive analytic tools that can detect and interpret marketplace signals globally and constantly, provide CFO’s with valuable information that will allow them to not only successfully adapt but also to thrive in today’s market. This is nothing new to you as CFO, but having the right tools to help you do all these things is important.

The right tools will help your analytics be at the forefront of the Construction industry and will also encourage data progressiveness.

ABM automatically builds predictive models which forecast behavior of your clients. It requires no programming skills or advanced statistical knowledge of model construction and it takes only a few minutes to predict almost anything you want, whether a client will churn, buy your product, pay the loan and more.

The Actian Analytics platform provides users with faster and deeper insight into data and reduces analytic workloads which enable business users to maximize the value of historical data and make more informed business decisions.

Plan your budget strategically

The budget planning process can become very complex. A large number of decision points need to be evaluated simultaneously, including demand and funding availability.

Approval of the annual budget is one of the fundamental building blocks of sound financial management. Most CFO’s tremble when the word “budget” is mentioned but it is nothing more than “measured spending”. It’s normal for the actual numbers to turn out differently than you projected when you drafted the budget, so a ‘good budget’ is one that changes with the project and its variables.

A sound budget can help you keep your programs on track. It is a planning tool and should be prepared well in advance. An organization’s  budget should be compared with the organization’s actual experience on a regular basis – monthly or quarterly – to allow board members and executive officers to measure whether the organization’s goals, set in the budget, are being met. Budgets should be a major part of every organization’s plan. This plan should allow the flexibility needed to achieve goals with order and success. is a straightforward purchase order management app. It comprises of all the right elements to give you the freedom you need to run your project the way you want to.

Tweet this: It’s an easy to use application that anyone of your staff members can master in a few minutes.

It’s an easy to use application that anyone of your staff members can master in a few minutes. This is achieved by running all purchases through a set approval routine by budget and project.

Our efficient 1-click approval system secures every aspect of the process and we have an award-winning concierge support team available 24 hours a day. Tailored reports, quick and easy approvals and a fully customizable PDF makes our app very adaptable.

Your budget is a living, breathing, guiding document. It’s going to change with every now month. With this in mind, you need the right ingredients for your yearly budget to end with a successful  product.

You have to predict internal disruptions

Internal risks and uncertainties are a given for every project. The finance organization has access to data such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, manufacturing and shipments. Using advanced analytics, finance has an excellent opportunity to turn the data into insights to help manage internal risks proactively.

IBM governs risk data aggregation and risk reporting. Data governance is an organization’s ability  to manage its information knowledge and to answer questions such as “What do we know about our information?”, “Where did this data come from?”, and “Does this data adhere to company policies and rules?” Data governance practices provide a holistic approach to managing, improving and leveraging information to help you gain insight and build confidence in business decisions and operations. IBM’s data governance solutions let you locate and retrieve information about data objects, their meaning, physical location, characteristics, and usage. This helps to improve IT productivity while meeting regulatory requirements.

AdvancedMiner – an all in one data processing, analysis and modeling analytical tool with a Workflow interface. It offers a complete and user-friendly environment for data exploration.

Modern day predictive analytics

With the challenges that come with every project, i.e competition, pitfalls, contractor fluctuation etc. makes it difficult to analyze and predict how your project will change. Before this information was made available, CFO’s could envision only a few scenarios to manage the changes their businesses underwent. As a result of the modern days’ disruptive environment, CFO’s need the help of intelligence tools that will aid them to see around the corner and notice emerging trends and potential threats.

With advanced analytics, including predictive analytics and machine learning, CFO’s have tools that broaden their view and present a wider range of scenarios that could potentially disrupt their businesses at their disposal.

Alpine Chorus is a comprehensive platform for Advanced Analytics which provides the entire analytic lifecycle in one environment and enable people to build, deploy and consume analytic applications and insights in an agile and collaborative manner.

Oracle Predictive Analytics believes that the modern finance organization will play two key roles in the future – that of a business partner and a business leader. This requires a higher level of proactive thinking and business skills. Increased pressure from investors and a changing business environment continue to have a significant impact on these roles and the ability of the CFO to execute them. Oracle also has a database option called Oracle Data Mining (ODM) that provides powerful data mining algorithms that enable data analysts to discover insights, make predictions and leverage their Oracle data and investments.

It is always a good idea to broaden your knowledge with courses like the MOOC (massive open online course) offered by Duke University which teaches the basics of gathering data, cleaning up data sets, understanding correlations and even provides some basic training in the R programming language.

Successful trading means making the right decisions. An experienced lead cost controller will know the significance of progress and its overall effect on the project. So taking a serious interest in the spend rate is a given.
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