When Productions Go Out Of Control…


Piehole.tv is a successful production company creating, and I quote, “Kickass” promotional videos of very high quality.

Their videos boast cutting edge design, professional voice overs, music and high end sound design for trendy tech startups and multinationals looking to, as they put it, “garner some cool for themselves”.  They have offices in Latin America, Europe and Africa with CEO, aka, Ruler of Piehole.tv, Priscilla Groves.

Priscilla has earned an excellent reputation in this extremely competitive creative industry for delivering work of the highest quality. Luckily, due to their reputation, Piehole.tv has always been in demand. They have multiple projects on the go at any one time and special attention needs to be paid to the quality, budget and production process of each individual project. This is where problems started creeping in.

The biggest problem they experienced pre-Procurementexpress.com, was that certain expenses cropped up at different times throughout the production. Now each production has its own combination of outsourced creative talent necessary to complete the end product. Included in this collaboration are sound engineers, composers, animators and voice overs, and they all needed payment yesterday. That is what made the finances complicated.

“A lot of times, what happened was different producers would not tell us to pay somebody and it was just done in a very ad hoc way with emails and phone calls. There was not an organized way of arranging the payments, so what would happen? Months later we would suddenly get a big bill from somebody and that was money that has been spent long ago so the expenses were surprising us months down the line of a job that was actually completed and paid for many months ago.”

When in the market for new software, one often have very real reservations. This is even more so when  you have a business with tight deadlines and the software package sounds too good to be true. Priscilla admits that they were skeptical at first because of the possibility of additional admin, however, with Procurementexpress.com there is no paperwork and since they started using the PO software, there has been a significant and positive improvement in the way Piehole.tv manage their financials.

“Procurementexpress.com has helped us have more visibility over how much we are spending and how much we are spending with which suppliers. It has helped us to pick up on overspending and to prevent overspending, and it has helped us not to have surprise invoices coming in months after a project has been completed. The cost has to be approved and the producer might not always have noticed if somebody is overcharging us for something. Since using Procurementexpress.com we often catch overcharging by suppliers, not on purpose, but due to some misunderstanding, or we notice when people are charging too much for something. The producer or an employee working for you might not question the invoice that much, whereas we would scrutinize it more because we know what the regular paying rates are. With Procurementexpress.com we know the money we have in the bank is the money we have.”

Priscilla did not hesitate for one second when asked if she would recommend Procurementexpress.com to other enterprises and if she had any specific market in mind that would find this product just as beneficial as Piehole.tv does.

 “I would recommend this product any day for production companies that have multiple projects on the boil at any one time, because it allows you to have complete visibility over all your suppliers and what you need to pay. Most video productions start off by having a lot of expenses and a lot of expenses also come in towards the end and you need to pay at a certain time so it helps you to pace your spending.”

So the conclusion is that Procurementexpress.com is a money- and time-saving solution to manage purchase orders and put you in control of company spend. Employees can load purchase orders and attach invoices from any device. Managers can approve, reject or comment on purchase orders and get an instant view of budgets, even when on the road. Finance departments get an accurate and paperless expense tracking system, leaving the queen bee to get a good and peaceful night’s rest.

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