How Your Dream Business is in Your Rear-View Mirror (and how to fix that)

rear_view_mirror_1If you started a company, the chances are you are pretty good at sales. If you weren’t to start with, you learned how to be. The feeling you get from landing your early sales hooked you on the feeling you get when you bring in the bacon.

Then things grew. Taxes needed to be paid and you hired an accountant. You started to build a team and things are good. Money comes in. Maybe you find someone to do the sales. Maybe they are better than you are. Maybe that kind of hurt your feelings, but seeing the money come in helps you get over that.

Things get a bit bigger. Sales grow, and so do expenses. No matter. Things are going well until that credit card statement comes in. Or maybe it was that unexpected invoice.

Expense creep has set in.

You hire a coach. Maybe a really good one. He tells you what you knew all along. It is time to get expenses under control. The boring, laborious but highly profit impacting process of reviewing phone providers, bank loans, supplier rates begins. Quarterly you go through the expenses.

Expenses are Triaged

Expenses are triaged but still in the rear-view mirror. The margin in the business improves but unexpected costs still crop up.

Don’t worry. It is natural. We built our businesses based get up and go and work. Not by nickel and dime’ing. Still, as much as 10% of all company expenses are unnecessary. That is 10% of your company margin sitting on the table, ready to go straight to your back pocket. If only there was a way to take your expenses out of the rear-view mirror and under your control.

Traditionally the way to do that is getting your accountant to set up a purchase ordering system. Back in the old days, this meant paperwork (which was largely ignored or circumvented). makes it easy to set up a purchasing program for your growing business before the profit evaporates before your eyes. Setting up with

  • can be done in an few hours;
  • gives you control over how your company spends money before it happens;
  • Works from inside your email (no need for another login and password to remember/forget);
  • Is helping world class organisations like UNICEF to make better spending decisions as well as up and coming companies like yours.

Why not set up an appointment to see how this can work for you or sign up for a trial.

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