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Breezing through December with new Enhancements.

Duty rule

December is here and everyone is rushing to get their last bit of Christmas shopping done before Christmas day. Mistakes can happen in a flash this is why want to do everything possible to help you do your job as well possible. New enhancements are released to help you through this festive season.

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5 Reasons Why Having a Family Makes Better CFOs

cfo familyNo one is ever quite ready; everyone is always caught off guard. The one day you are a student, single and without a care in the world and the next you are married, you have a family and you have become part of the corporate rat race. Family life, or to be more specific, parenthood chooses you. You realize that of all the balls you ever juggled, this is the one you should not drop. The same goes for your career, especially if you hold a executive position as a CFO in a construction company. Both carry a lot of responsibility and there needs to be a balance. Continue Reading

Purchasing v.s. Procurement

p vs p-01Many people use the terms procurement and purchasing interchangeably, there is a debate that the difference is merely semantics and that there is no difference between purchasing and procurement it just boils down to which word people prefer to use, this is probably due to the fact that purchasing does generally involve procurement at some or other level as one does not simply purchase things from thin air.

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