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To keep stock of what you have and what you need


When Is The Right Time To Make The Leap From Excel Spreadsheets To Procurement Software?


Statistically, 90% of excel spreadsheets are sensitive to human errors. Is your company part of this statistic? Even though Excel can handle a lot of data, it is susceptible to human error. Working on an excel spreadsheet has a lot of shortcomings especially if a whole team of people try to work on it at the same time. Thirty years of scientific research on spreadsheets has shown that people make mistakes consistently, especially when pressed for time.

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Why is a purchase order important to a small business?

Why-Purchase-Order-is -Best-Friend

Purchase Orders are the sticky stuff that keeps your company together. They make sure you can track your orders and receive payments efficiently. When you use a purchase order you will find that each element included on it plays an important role and is geared toward a specific goal. It can be said that every single aspect of the purchase order makes your business flow together like a well-oiled machine or, better still, like a bride that fits into her wedding dress in time for the wedding.

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