The Value of Competition: Lessons from Professional Sports

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In this post, we have a special guest, Benny Igiehon, a skilled Account Executive at Procurement Benny is not only an exceptional salesperson but also a professional soccer player. Today, we will explore the lessons that can be learned from competing at a high level in sports and how they can be applied to business.

Benny’s Background
Benny hails from Leeds and studied at Leeds Beckett University, where he gained a degree in broadcast media and digital technology. He has always had a passion for public speaking and even had the opportunity to deliver a speech to an MP in high school. In addition to his sales career, Benny has played professional soccer for nine years and currently represents Ballymacash Rangers in the third division of Northern Ireland.

Constantly Improving
One of the key lessons Benny has learned from sports is the importance of constantly improving. In soccer, it’s all about striving to be 1% better every day. This means practicing and perfecting the skills required for your position, whether it’s having a great first touch, winning headers, or positioning yourself effectively on the pitch. Benny applies this same mindset to his work in sales. He listens to his calls, identifies areas for improvement, and learns from his mistakes. By constantly refining his skills, Benny ensures that he is always at the top of his game.

Dealing with Competition
Competition is a natural part of both sports and business. Benny sees competition as an opportunity to showcase his skills and prove himself. Rather than feeling intimidated, he embraces competition and uses it as motivation to excel. In sales, Benny views his teammates as his competition. He strives to deliver results to show them that their efforts in supporting him are worthwhile. By adopting a positive mindset and recognizing competition as a chance to shine, Benny thrives in both the soccer field and the sales arena.

Handling Failure
Failure is inevitable in both sports and business. When faced with failure, Benny believes in analyzing the situation, identifying areas for improvement, and taking immediate action. On the soccer pitch, if he makes a mistake, he expects his teammates to let him know so that he can correct it right away. In the same way, Benny appreciates feedback in the workplace. He values open and honest communication, as it allows him to learn from his mistakes and make the necessary adjustments. Instead of dwelling on failure, Benny uses it as fuel to drive him towards success.

Supporting Teammates
At Procurement Express, one of the core values is “Don’t let anybody fail.” Benny believes in holding teammates accountable and providing constructive feedback. On the soccer field, if a teammate makes a mistake, he lets them know immediately but also emphasizes that he believes in their abilities. This approach encourages individuals to improve while maintaining a supportive environment. Benny applies the same principle in the workplace, offering guidance and support to his colleagues. By fostering a culture of continuous improvement and support, the team at Procurement Express ensures that everyone has the opportunity to succeed.

Celebrating Success
When it comes to celebrating success, Benny believes in staying grounded. In soccer, he has learned not to get too high with the highs and too low with the lows. Instead of solely focusing on goals scored or games won, Benny finds joy in the smaller achievements, such as a well-executed pass or winning a header. He appreciates the process and finds happiness in the journey. In the business world, Benny applies the same mentality. He celebrates the little victories, such as positive client interactions or productive demos. By choosing to focus on the positives and quickly addressing any setbacks, Benny maintains a positive mindset and continues to strive for success.

Benny Igiehon’s journey as a professional soccer player and successful salesperson offers valuable insights into the world of competition. By constantly improving, embracing competition, learning from failure, supporting teammates, and celebrating success, Benny exemplifies the values of Procurement Express. Whether on the soccer field or in the sales arena, Benny’s approach serves as a testament to the power of competition and the importance of continuous growth.

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