April 4, 2024

How to Outsmart Business Extinction

On this episode of the Gross Profit Podcast, James Kennedy sits down with Aristeidis Zervas.
The Gross Profit Podcast
The Gross Profit Podcast
How to Outsmart Business Extinction

Show Notes

This week, James Kennedy, is joined by Aristeidis Zervas, the Chief M&A and Investment Officer at KLEEMAN, a global leader in the elevator and escalator manufacturing industry.

Aristeidis brings his extensive experience in mergers, acquisitions, and investment to the forefront, discussing the critical aspects of acquiring another business as a strategic move to save your own. With over two decades of expertise in finance and operational roles and a series of successful deals under his belt, Aristeidis shares invaluable insights into the complexities of mergers and acquisitions.

Topics Covered:

  • Strategic Acquisitions: Aristeidis discusses the importance of acquisitions in preventing business extinction and propelling growth.
  • Finding a Cultural Fit: Learn why aligning company cultures is crucial for a successful merger or acquisition and how to identify a compatible partner.
  • Managing Third Parties: From negotiation to due diligence, Aristeidis shares his strategies for dealing with consultants, lawyers, and other third parties involved in the deal.
  • The Importance of Communication: Discover the role effective communication plays in ensuring a smooth transition and integration process post-acquisition.

Episode Highlights:

  • “Aristeidis, can you walk us through the process of identifying a potential acquisition target and what makes a company an attractive candidate for merger?”
  • “What are some of the most common pitfalls in the M&A process, and how do you avoid them?”
  • “Could you share some experiences on managing the integration of acquired companies, particularly in aligning financial and operational systems?”
  • “How do you maintain morale and foster a sense of unity among teams during the often tumultuous period following an acquisition?”

Aristeidis Zervas is not just a seasoned financial expert; he’s a strategist and innovator passionate about driving growth and creating value in the manufacturing sector. Holding an A Class Accounting License from the Economic Chamber of Greece, his leadership has steered KLEEMAN through numerous successful acquisitions, including Day Elevators, Guideline Lift Services, and Hoistway Ltd., showcasing his ability to navigate the challenging waters of global M&A activities.

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