Here’s how we handle new tickets at

When you start a chat, we aim to reply within 1 minute and for emails, it’s 10 minutes. Our support is active from 3 am to 6 pm Central time. 

If it’s a question we can help you with on the chat, we always aim to do this. But if it’s something we need to create a development ticket for, we’ll create the ticket and communicate that with you.

Our ticket cycle and roadmap. 

Our development team works in 2-week sprints. This means that we have a product release every second week. We complete approximately 20 tickets in each release cycle and we have about 5 releases scheduled in advance. 

When a ticket gets created by the support team, it will get labeled with either “Enhancement” or “Bug”. For bugs, we will assign one of these five priorities.

  1. SLA1
    This is the highest priority and we will start working to fix it immediately. It will also be deployed as soon as the development is completed. The criteria are:
    1. It affects a primary action of the application
    2. It affects more than 10 users
    3. There is no workaround
    4. It is billing-related (depends on priority)
  2. SLA2
    This will be pushed into the current release and either deployed as soon as the development is done or with the rest of the tickets in the current release. The criteria are:
    1. It affects a primary or secondary action of the application
    2. There is no workaround or there is a complex workaround
    3. More than one customer is affected
  3. High Priority
    It will either go into the current release, or the next release. The criteria are:
    1. Any action that the user is blocked by
    2. There is a workaround
    3. Only one user is affected
  4. General
    This ticket gets pushed into our ticket backlog list and ranked with the rest of the tickets. We use the RICE scoring system (Reach, Impact, Confidence, and Effort) to prioritize tickets in the backlog. The criteria are:
    1. It affects a lesser-used function
    2. One user or multiple users can be affected
    3. There is a workaround
  5. Not Priority
    This is not planned to get fixed anytime soon. In the RICE scoring system, these tickets fall at the bottom of the list. The criteria are:
    1. It affects a lesser used function
    2. There is a very easy workaround / It doesn’t need a workaround


  1. Scheduled
    This will be (or already is) scheduled on the roadmap and we will be able to give you a date of release. The criteria are:
    1. It is a feature upvoted in the feedback portal and/or fits with the product vision
    2. It’s closely related or part of a ticket in the roadmap
    3. The product team sees this as a priority 
    4. It benefits several customers across our base
    5. It’s paid custom development*
  2. Not scheduled
    In this case, we suggest adding the enhancement to the feedback portal where users can upvote features that would also benefit them. The product team goes through this board regularly and adds features with the most upvotes to the roadmap. The criteria are:
    1. It’s an enhancement that will have a small reach
    2. It’s not in the roadmap 
    3. The customer can still use the software without this feature
    4. It is not paid custom development*

*We can build features for you on a custom development project. Click here to find out more.

When your ticket goes into the release, you will be notified by our ticketing system. When your ticket is released on the software, we’ll let you know and send you a video of how it works, if necessary

As always you can access the online chat, bottom-right of your screen and get support for any questions you might have.