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One of the efficient ways of improving your company’s cash flow is by controlling expenses. Cost cutting strategies won’t be helpful without the aid of an efficient Purchase Order (PO) software that monitors your purchases. Let me tell you more about this. helps companies control billions and generate more millions along the way! With the aid of this software, business leaders have peace of mind because they can approve and manage POs anytime. This is also fairly easy as the software is compatible with smartphones and tablets.

The software is lauded by users for its value for money, time-saving nature, and awesome user-friendliness. It doesn’t get much better than that.

What exactly is software user-friendliness? According to Tech Term, a user-friendly software interface has the following hallmarks:

  1. Simplicity: A software interface is not overly complex, but is straightforward instead.
  2. Reliability: It does not malfunction or crash all the time. An unreliable product is not user-friendly since it causes undue frustration for the user. 

When you add simplicity and reliability you get – a simple to use software that will never let you down. I will let’s users tell you the rest.

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Meet Users

Loren Churness, who is an accountant at Buechel, finds’s user-friendliness as one of the “best parts” of using the software.  When she reviewed the software on Capterra, she said, “I was able to easily navigate around the site the first time I used it and all relevant information is easily spotted without wasting time trying to find what I’m looking for.”

Yvonne Lisa Wong, assistant Director of Operations at Gravitational Marketing has this to say about “So far we have loved the ease of this software and the customer service is amazing.”

She said glitches are rare and whenever there is an issue, the team contacts her company immediately. In almost no time, the technical glitch gets resolved and business continues as usual.

“By the time they call – which is only about 30 minutes after I experienced an issue the issue had been corrected and they called to see if I needed anything. The glitch was so minor but they care about their product. I have been very satisfied.” Wong says.

should not fill out another PO paperAnother content user is Tom Cullen who says has transformed the way that his company organizes purchase orders. His team does not have to wait for authorisation for weeks or even months.
This is done by a single click in the email! There are new features constantly coming and they always add great value. No longer do I have to even email a PO, I can do it straight from within the platform! Highly highly recommended.”

See some similar reviews from very satisfied users:

Russ Smith, Business Owner at EOL IT Services Ltd

“ is very useful for us to keep track of our departmental budgets. It takes a little setting up and customizing but the staff were very helpful with this. The interface is clean and simple, perhaps a few themes would be nice but it does the job fine. It is very easy to add custom fields to your purchase orders and to keep track of expenditure.”

Anthony Hamilton, Operations Manager at Serialio Ltd

“We got to handle the approval process for a 150-employee sized company. We were looking for ease of use and fast implementation. Since the adoption of we have been able to increase the control over purchase approvals (we have not overrun budget since then), we have eliminated bureaucratic forms that required physical signatures (and most times would be incomplete) and we have streamlined the approval process.”

Katie Linczer at Wastewater Solutions

using automated system and go home by 5pm“The platform provides virtually everything that could be desired in a simple user-friendly solution. Consulting at a construction company that is used to a loose paper process, the user friendliness of the product made the transition to electronic option feasible.

There is a history shown on each PO, allowing visibility into any edits that are made (the edit feature is something we use every day). It is great to be able to add custom fields and control which fields are required vs optional.

We look forward to the app being available as well in the future. The fact that we were able to pay for some company specific customizations that were owner requisites was phenomenal (as nice as the standard product is without the customization, we greatly look forward to the enhancements). After the free trial, we were sold on deciding to move forward with company-wide implementation.” is the best purchasing tool that will help you to monitor your funds even when you are away from your office because you can control your budget with a quick tap of your smartphone. Here’s how it works:

  • A budget will be set up with a single approver, multiple approvers or single/multiple required approvers in the case of PO routing;
  • You can adjust the budget anytime you want to; and
  • The budget will be archived or locked to prevent unnecessary expenditures.

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