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"I absolutely love batch payments. No more AP headaches for me!"
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"With Batch Payments, our purchasing process is seamless"
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"Batch Payments makes my monthly vendor settlements so easy"

Recognise these Payment Challenges?

Overwhelmed by time consuming, manual payment execution?

Experiencing risk and uncertainty in your current payment process?

Grappling with disorganized invoice tracking and payment verification?

Dealing with delays and inaccuracies in payment status updates?

Unlock the Power of Batch Payments

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Batch Payments: Boosting Efficiency, Enhancing Payment Accuracy

Batch Builder

Select invoices for payment and automatically generate a batch so it's ready for payment execution.

Batch History

Get complete visibility of payment operations with a list of created, ready, and executed batches

Batch Execution

Upload batches to OFX, and let the payments roll out. Mark the batch as executed, and watch your POs and invoices automatically update.

Enhanced Supplier Info

With Batch Payments active, supplier profiles now include crucial payment details for seamless and secure transaction execution.

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