Take The Manual Work Out Of Your Purchase Order System

tricia napolitanoTBG Homes is essentially 3 companies in one; a real estate development company with a construction division and a real estate broker. Here’s how they manage it all

TBG Homes are currently creating a track map of 46 homes for which they have 6 different customisable designs. Doing the paperwork for these 3 companies have involved creating a lot of spreadsheets, says Trish Napolitano, Secretary-Treasurer for all 3 organizations.

“… this has really been a wonderful, wonderful tool for me.”

Trish has been with the company for 15 years and is in charge of everything that has to do with paper and money. TBG can proudly say that they develop beautiful custom-made homes, but with this comes the need for reliable, automated office processes. For Trish, has been a big help with every purchase.

Easily Manage Budgets

Before she started using, they used spreadsheets for purchase order management. When they started expanding, Trish realized the need for software that could keep track of purchases within set budgets. They anticipated high purchasing volumes from several different suppliers and the requirement for control and approval before money is spent.

They found an efficient solution.

“Oh, it’s really great because, for one, if I don’t have it would be such a mess…there would just be requests, papers flying all over, …I would be doing phone calls 50 million times a day. I mean, the system is absolutely wonderful.”

Spending Accountability

TBG’s procurement process involves several budgets, requesters, projects, purchasers, suppliers, service delivery etc. With, all these activities are streamlined. Trish can accomplish her goal of keeping staff accountable for the information they submit and to which project and budget.

She states that is “…helping me to get the wraps on the budget right away, right when they put the request in, so I don’t have to worry about it or spend time looking for it later. It’s taken a lot of the manual work out of it.”

Set Up In a Snap

With, setting up is completed within minutes, but Trish says it best: “A snap. Are you kidding? It was so easy.”

“I can’t believe how easy it was. I really like it. It’s – I mean, it’s awesome. I like the way it comes up to my phone.”

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