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Over the course of the last 24 years, Constructions Group Australia (CGA) has grown to be a highly respected general building contractor – fast approaching $1 billion in completed projects.

The group’s impressive project footprint and rapid growth along the Gold Coast began to stretch the finance team’s ability to track and control spend. They were using spreadsheets, paper dockets and email to control spend.

The finance manager was frustrated, spending hours every week chasing receipts while the directors were also struggling and finding it increasingly difficult to track real-time expenditure across project sites.

Staff were making purchasing mistakes and accidentally ordering the wrong items far too often!


With – all 20 staff members across project sites at CGA are now responsible and accountable for what they spend. Here’s what their streamlined purchasing process looks like:

1) Staff raise a purchase request (PO) with the cloud-based mobile app.
2) Project managers are notified of the request and either approve or reject it.
3) Items ordered arrive at the project site and are marked as “delivered” using the app. 4) All purchase data is tracked and syncs with CGA’s accounting system.
5) The finance team never use spreadsheets or run expense-reports anymore.
6) With the customised dashboard, directors at CGA can analyse spend in real-time. has allowed CGA to streamline their purchasing process and in turn eliminate classic purchasing errors such ordering incorrect items or ordering items from the wrong supplier.


100% of spend is now under control: Customizable approvals flows ensure that the right project managers must sign off on every purchase over a pre-approved limit.

Administration reduced by 90%: All purchasing data is tracked and syncs with CGA’s accounting system which makes it much easier for the finance team to match up purchase orders, invoices and packing slips.

Complete budget control: In-app budgeting tools helps everyone stay within their budget. Management and engineers in CGA can use real-time data to set, increase and decrease project budgets as needed.

Quick reporting and spending insights: Real-time customisable dashboards assist management in making quick mission critical decisions. The app makes it easy to find need-to-know purchasing data in seconds.

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