Who we are

Pragmatic. Straightforward. No procrastination.

That’s us. But it’s not most people’s purchase order systems. What should be quick and simple, eats hours of valuable time. It’s confusing, tough to navigate, leading to delayed work and financial complications.

But we know it doesn’t have to be like that. Any business – any sector, any size – can have a simple, straightforward purchase order system that just works. It can be easy to set up POs. And managers can see what’s going on at a glance.

And we know that when purchase order systems work, they directly impact the bottom line.

On average our purchase order software saves our clients 10% of their spend.

We built Procurementexpress.com on this idea. And it worked. In 2014, when we started out, our collective decades of customer support and product development expertise was housed in a couple of offices in Warrenstown, in the Republic of Ireland. Now we have offices and clients all over the world, and all over the business landscape. We’ve saved hours of time and thousands of dollars for clients in construction, software, events, and the non-profit sector.

We couldn’t have done it by building an app – however good it was – and leaving people to figure it out for themselves. If you’re too busy to use a spreadsheet, that means you’re too busy to learn new software on the fly. PO systems have to work now, today. So we made sure every client got custom onboarding and a custom fit of the Procurementexpress.com software. It works, from day one. And there’s customer support – the real thing – 16h per day.

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