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Take The Manual Work Out Of Your Purchase Order System

tricia napolitanoTBG Homes is essentially 3 companies in one; a real estate development company with a construction division and a real estate broker. Here’s how they manage it all:

TBG Homes are currently creating a track map of 46 homes for which they have 6 different customisable designs. Doing the paperwork for these 3 companies have involved creating a lot of spreadsheets, says Trish Napolitano, Secretary-Treasurer for all 3 organizations.
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What Is So Great About

devices_1Often little things like purchase orders and subcontract bills get swept away in the bureaucracy of a manager’s day, leaving behind a trail of unhappy workers and inefficient budgeting.

Add to this, company fraud + slow purchasing cycle and you will soon see what is so great about We take care of all that.

The app that lets you control spend from anywhere, allowing easy access to payment approval and budget management. Say goodbye to messy spreadsheets and hello to a new world of optimized spend control. But don’t take our word for it. Over 900 users already prefer, and some of them have taken to posting their opinions on
With a 60 second sign-up and no download required, companies have found so easy to implement and users start adopting the app amazingly fast.

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The Beauty Of Total Spend Control

clarins_1For the past 8 years, Nevinar Cosmetics Ltd – Clarins has been a global wholesale distributor of top quality cosmetics, prescription and proprietary drugs.

As the finance executive, Adrienn Pálla oversees all aspects of financial management, where the presentation of reports, budgets and forecasts forms but a small part of her day to day activities. To achieve more financial control and transparency, Adrienn decided to replace the clumsy spreadsheet PO system with Here are her thoughts:

Streamlined Purchasing Process

Adrienn explains how the old spreadsheet purchase order process was messy and inadequate…”this made it very easy to make mistakes and very difficult and time consuming to fix those mistakes.”

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North Queensland Toyota Cowboys vs Paper Based Purchase Order System

cowboys logoThe North Queensland Cowboys sporting club fields a team in the National Rugby League competition in Australia. They have been using a manual purchase order system with pre-numbered purchase order books. These books were held by the finance department and signed out to staff as required.

“I just knew that in the day and age that we are in and the technology that is around, that we could be doing things better.”

Michael Gilbert is the club’s CFO and manage all aspects of finance and corporate governance. Michael decided to switch to, because he felt that an electronic system might be more efficient. Here are his thoughts:
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