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Take The Manual Work Out Of Your Purchase Order System

tricia napolitanoTBG Homes is essentially 3 companies in one; a real estate development company with a construction division and a real estate broker. Here’s how they manage it all:

TBG Homes are currently creating a track map of 46 homes for which they have 6 different customisable designs. Doing the paperwork for these 3 companies have involved creating a lot of spreadsheets, says Trish Napolitano, Secretary-Treasurer for all 3 organizations.
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Dublin, Ireland, 23 February 2016 – has added an Android App to the arsenal. With one-click access and the same easy interface we have come to appreciate, they certainly do have the droid you were looking for. is a straightforward purchase order solution with a lot of customizability under the hood. Set apart from competitors by in-depth approval rules, ease of use and award winning customer support, this system has built a loyal following.

“I would recommend, as the best that I have come across in +30years of working for 10 or so different organisations.”  David Stephens , Operations Manager at MG3 UK

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Are Spending Mistakes Dragging Your Business Down?

Ever made a serious spending mistake and wish you could press a real-life-undo-button?

Unfortunately spending mistakes often have serious real-life-consequences. Consider now that you are in charge of company spending and responsible for everyone else’s spending blunders. A recent study found that more than 80% of companies fall victim to spending mistakes annually.


When we look at the purchase order systems used by these companies, it all starts to make sense.

Upon closer examination, a correlation between two key factors becomes evident. More than 80% of companies make spending mistakes annually and more than 70% don’t use an online PO system or ERP software. It stands to reason that more spending mistakes are made when using a paper based or Excel based PO system. This conclusion was easily drawn, but how exactly does a PO system help you control company spending?

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Demo: Free at Book now. is a powerful online purchase order system that allows you to manage company spend easily, have a demo, even from your phone.


Book demo now.


  • Team members can submit a Purchase Request from any smart device and upload related documents.
  • Managers can view budgets in real time and make informed decisions to approve, reject or comment on PO requests directly from email.
  • Finance can view actual vs budget spend in real time and set up approval routings.
  • Accounting can draw reports of spend for departments, budgets and employees.

Our expert consultants will help you configure the app to fit your company’s purchasing needs. Book a free demo here.

What Is So Great About

devices_1Often little things like purchase orders and subcontract bills get swept away in the bureaucracy of a manager’s day, leaving behind a trail of unhappy workers and inefficient budgeting.

Add to this, company fraud + slow purchasing cycle and you will soon see what is so great about We take care of all that.

The app that lets you control spend from anywhere, allowing easy access to payment approval and budget management. Say goodbye to messy spreadsheets and hello to a new world of optimized spend control. But don’t take our word for it. Over 900 users already prefer, and some of them have taken to posting their opinions on
With a 60 second sign-up and no download required, companies have found so easy to implement and users start adopting the app amazingly fast.

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New App Features

Retrieving data. Wait a few seconds and try to cut or copy is getting better by the day. Watch this space for info on new updates.

December 2015

Approval Override Function

We added this feature to speed up the purchasing process even more. So if the approver is unable to approve a PO for whatever reason, a user with the Finance role can log in, select the PO and approve it. “Purchase order approved.” will be saved as a comment and sent to the original approver and the PO originator.

This function can be found under “Other Actions” under the discussion box.

Purchase Request 2015-12-09 16-56-43

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The $83 Cup of Coffee

coffee_1Buying a customer a cup of coffee is a small token of appreciation. Even at $4.5 organically and responsibly grown, Ethiopian Blue Mountain brew seems like small beans. Pardon the pun.

Or maybe it isn’t so small. Depending on the business you are in. Lets say you work for FedEx which has a current Net Margin of 5.4%. That means for every dollar spent, they need to work to earn $18 in sales to make up for it. Put another way, if you are lucky enough to get FedEx to buy you a cup of coffee, it will cost them $83 in sales to make up for it.

If you are lucky enough, like Google or American Express, where margins are high, their cup of coffee will only cost $22.

So can you see why managing cost can have such a dramatic impact on company profitability? is the fastest way to get company spending under control. Register for an account today.