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Recipe to Make Your Construction Site More Efficient

recipeThe construction site preparation process is the first function that must be executed.

A clear and properly prepared site that is “user-friendly” will avert unnecessary pitfalls,  i.e. hinder building permits and damage the overall project.

“I want everybody to run at the same speed as me. But some people are more conscientious, they think more and they plan more. And they’re more careful” – Eddie Huang
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Indian Government Shuts Down a Christian Charity Organization


Large-Christian-Charity-shuts-down-India-Operations (1)India – The New York Times reports that a Christian charity organization, Compassion International, has permanently shut down its operations in India. This follows the government’s mission to close all charities suspected to contravene with the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act. According to this act, charities are not allowed to receive foreign funds without government’s permission. Continue Reading

5 Best Techniques Charities Should Use to Boost Donor Acquisition

5 Best Techniques you can use to Boost Donor AcquisitionThe hard fact is, the existence of charities largely depends on the availability of donations. The quicker charities acquire donations the greater are the chances that they will keep doing good.  So, boosting donor acquisition has become extremely important. You may ask, what is donor acquisition? Donor acquisition is a process of acquiring new donors for your charitable cause.  Continue Reading

5 Interesting Pillars of Marketing Strategy

5 Interesting Pillars of Marketing StrategyIn marketing, strategy is everything. You need to meticulously design a winning plan of action for successful business results. Just like in a war situation, everything boils down to the art of planning and directing overall military operations and manoeuvres in a battle. If you don’t plan well, you will lose the war. Similarly, in order to have a competitive advantage in business, you need to plan to win.
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