New App Features

We’re always working towards an even better PO app and to improve our user’s experience. Watch this space for info on new updates.

19 August 2016

Attachments to PO

From the “Purchase Orders” screen, you can easily see which POs have attachments as indicated with a paperclip. 


5 August 2016

Attachments to PO

You can now attach emails (.msg and .eml ) to PO’s.

Select the PO that you want to attach the e-mail to -> Select “Choose File” in the comment box -> Select the email you want to attach -> “Open” -> Comment/Attach

Purchase Order 88067-24062016 2016-08-05 12-58-27

21 July 2016

Draft POs

You can now send a draft PO before having to go into the Edit screen first.

Create a purchase order and “Save as Draft” -> Open the Draft PO from your PO dashboard -> press the new “Send” button

send from draft


14 July 2016

Mark as Paid

A good few new features have been added to the “Mark as paid” function. All actions performed are recorded in the comments section of your PO.

  • Mark partial payments

After a PO has been approved, click on the “Mark as paid” button above the comments box.

mark as paid

In the modal that opens, you can now mark payments per line item, specify any amount and leave comments. Partially paid POs will remain in Approved status until the whole amount is paid, then only will the status be changed to Paid.

mark as paid2

  • Previous payments in purchase order view screen

After payments have been allocated to your PO, you can view all payments in the bottom lefthand corner of your view PO screen. Easily remove any payment by clicking on the relevant delete button.

mark as unpaid

If all the payments are removed, the PO status will change from Paid to Approved.

The easiest way to mark the whole PO as unpaid though is to click on “Mark as Unpaid” in the “Other Actions” section (underneath the comments box), bottom right. Again, your PO status will change from Paid to Approved. This action will also be recorded in the PO comments section.



A new report has been introduced in the reports section which allow users to export valuable information related to payments including; Purchase Order ID, Supplier, Amount, Currency & Date.

To access reports, choose settings -> reports.


You can now download the report you need by simply clicking “download”


We have also made several user interface improvements in the report download section and general transaction processing behavior.

Email PO

To send your PO PDF to supplier, or share with anyone you choose, simply click on “Send to supplier” button.

send to supplier

In the modal that opens, you can enter the email address to send to and also change the message -> Press send.


Supplier Management

Add a new supplier to fixed supplier list while creating a PO

This function allows users to add a new supplier to your fixed supplier list, when creating a PO.

To enable this function, go to settings -> company settings -> suppliers -> select fixed supplier list and users can add a supplier

fixed supplier

New purchase order -> click on the supplier field -> new supplier

new supplier

populate the form -> save

suplier form

Custom fields

Purchase order custom fields can be edited in pending or approved status.

To activate this go to settings -> company settings -> purchase orders -> choose the relevant purchase order custom field and “Edit Field”

edit field

tick “Editable After Approval” and make sure it is set to “Active”


Anyone in your chosen access level for that custom field will now be able to edit said field after approval.

On a pending or approved PO, bottom left corner, you will see the custom field -> click on the pencil to edit

edit field approve

Make changes as required and click on the pencil again.


Share PO access by department

With this setting activated, anyone in the relevant department can see all POs within that department.

To activate; settings -> company settings -> purchase orders -> tick “Share PO Access By Department”

anyone access