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How to Ace Customer Success

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You could argue that our software is not the fanciest.  You could argue we don’t have a huge feature set but you cannot argue with over 200 four and five-star reviews for on Capterra. The software comparison site tracks us along with all of our competitors on a range of issues and customer feedback is the most important. We are almost an order of magnitude ahead of our nearest competitors and in this article, I’ll share with you how we got there.

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Breezing through December with new Enhancements.

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December is here and everyone is rushing to get their last bit of Christmas shopping done before Christmas day. Mistakes can happen in a flash this is why want to do everything possible to help you do your job as well possible. New enhancements are released to help you through this festive season.

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Ask The Experts: Does Google And Facebook Advertising Work For Small Business Owners

Does Google and Facebook advertising work for small-business owners ask the experts

Google and Facebook advertising have taken the internet by storm and if you’re not advertising with them you are missing out. But With so many rules to follow in doing so, it’s hard to keep track of where you rank and if you are doing enough to get it right.

According to a survey done by Small Business Trends, 62% out of 2600 small businesses that did the survey say Facebook ads are Fruitless and there is hardly and ROI.

The experts don’t necessarily agree with this and are of the opinion that properly targeted Facebook (and Google) ads do provide results.

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Free iOS App “Share Purchase Orders” Unleashed’s new iOS app is called “Share Purchase Orders” and that is exactly what it does. An automated purchase order system, created for small to medium sized businesses with multiple suppliers. This unique iOS app is now available on iOS App Store completely free, forever. It’s simple, user-friendly and useful to all iPhone users.

“Having used one of the leading ERP platforms for 11 years and the misery that comes with it, is a real breath of fresh air!” – Head of Business Development, Ksubaka Ltd.
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5 Interesting Pillars of Marketing Strategy

5 Interesting Pillars of Marketing StrategyIn marketing, strategy is everything. You need to meticulously design a winning plan of action for successful business results. Just like in a war situation, everything boils down to the art of planning and directing overall military operations and manoeuvres in a battle. If you don’t plan well, you will lose the war. Similarly, in order to have a competitive advantage in business, you need to plan to win.
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The Role of Emotion In Purchasing

The Role of Emotion In Purchasing (1)Emotions are considered one of the main factors that affect purchasing decisions. In general, people’s perceptions are that rational analysis is the basis of the choices they make when buying. In reality, emotions substantially influence and determine how people decide when purchasing products. Continue Reading