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Construction Workers, Celebrities and CFOs

construction, celebrities, cfos-buttonLife wasn’t always about bright lights, red carpets, glitz and glamour for many of our favorite actors, actresses and music stars. Before making it big ( believe it or not ) many of them were just regular people holding down normal jobs. The celebrities discussed below all started out in construction. During their stints as construction workers, they all (with the possible exception of Sean Connery) demonstrated certain characteristics and skills that CFOs need to possess in order to become superb CFOs:
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How Purchase Orders Are Helpful On Construction Sites


How-to-make-your-Construction-Project-an-Effective-Working-ProcessA lot of effort goes into planning a construction site. Just ask any construction CFO that has to submit analysis, projections and plans months before the project even commences. It’s no wonder the CFO is nicknamed Ruler of Results.

Not only is there a lot of planning that goes into the construction site before the project starts but there are also unforeseen pitfalls that occur after the construction site is bustling with work. For a construction CFO or project manager who is already on edge by having all their balls in the air, even the slightest thing going wrong would be too much to handle.

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Construction Site Fails


Construction-Site-failsThere is never really a 100 percent guarantee that your projects will run smoothly. Construction businesses build reputations around their ability to create strong, reliable structures that stand the test of time. Because of this very important distinct fact, precautions and all the involved factors need to be taken into account before planning your project. Construction business owners are constantly assessing on-the-job risks, but it’s critical for them to keep an eye on the common issues that bankrupt their peers.

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Ask The Experts: Does Google And Facebook Advertising Work For Small Business Owners

Does Google and Facebook advertising work for small-business owners ask the experts

Google and Facebook advertising have taken the internet by storm and if you’re not advertising with them you are missing out. But With so many rules to follow in doing so, it’s hard to keep track of where you rank and if you are doing enough to get it right.

According to a survey done by Small Business Trends, 62% out of 2600 small businesses that did the survey say Facebook ads are Fruitless and there is hardly and ROI.

The experts don’t necessarily agree with this and are of the opinion that properly targeted Facebook (and Google) ads do provide results.

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How to Make your Construction Project an Effective, Working Process


How-to-make-your-Construction-Project-an-Effective-Working-Process (2)Each of us is carving a stone, erecting a column, or cutting a piece of stained glass in the construction of something much bigger than ourselves. –Adrienne Clarkson

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