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Three Signs Your School Needs Help With Purchasing!


Think about how you track spending in your school.

Do you find yourself pouring over credit card statements at the end of each month, or are you blindly relying on your staff to make the right decisions when it comes to purchasing?

The power of the entire school lies in the hands of the finance department, yet you probably find yourself wondering what you’re doing wrong… and why you’re struggling to manage and control your school’s spending.

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Case Study: Speeding up expense reimbursement for Leysin American School


Leysin American School is a boarding school located in the Swiss Alps. Since 1961 the school has been dedicated to developing innovative, compassionate and responsible citizens of the world.

Since 1961

The school serves as the centre of learning for young scholars with an interest in academics, sports and the arts. Extracurricular activities for students are always encouraged and the school runs a number of summer programs from June to August.

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