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Real Life Spend Accountability

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Keller Logistics Group embodies every aspect of the logistics industry while doing their part for the environment, the community, and their employees. As the Director of Engineering and Procurement, Darryl Logan has quite the task in controlling spend at this ever growing company.

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Dublin, Ireland, 23 February 2016 – has added an Android App to the arsenal. With one-click access and the same easy interface we have come to appreciate, they certainly do have the droid you were looking for. is a straightforward purchase order solution with a lot of customizability under the hood. Set apart from competitors by in-depth approval rules, ease of use and award winning customer support, this system has built a loyal following.

“I would recommend, as the best that I have come across in +30years of working for 10 or so different organisations.”  David Stephens , Operations Manager at MG3 UK

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Is Spear Phishing Going To Get Yours?


Whaling fraud, also called spear phishing, is the latest craze for fraudsters. Simply put, it’s phishing’s bigger badder cousin.

Aimed at large companies and dedicated to stealing larger sums from your business, it’s a cute name for a serious fraud. According to Financial Fraud Action UK (FFA UK), there has been an increase in whaling fraud during the last few weeks.

“Office staff are being warned about fake emails that appear to come from one of their bosses, telling them to transfer money.”

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